Monday, June 17

New In| Beauty + Makeup ♡

I only have one more exam which is Italian and then I'm donee woohoo! Ill be going to Italy and maybe, just maybe to France for a french exchange! I hope this summer will be good :)
I realized that I've bought a lot of new products recently so I thought I'd show you since I'm absolutely loving some of them! :D

 I was soo excited getting a MAC lipstick and I'm really happy with the colour I got which is "creme cup" Its a mixture of nude and pink and is kind of my-lips-but-better kinda colour :)
 I love H&M's face masks and I've never tried these ones before but they looked really good!
 I'm addiced to the Palmers cocoa butter it just smells sooo good and leaves my sin so soft!
Since it was incredible sunny last week I bought my own suncream which Ill be using tons this summer its the Hawaiian Tropic in 30 SPF.
 I bought some random pieces of makeup not to sure why, but I'm really happy with all of them. The apocalips by rimmel is in the shade "Nude Eclipse" its such a good lip gloss cause its not sticky and ends up feeling like a lip stick! I got the maybelline 24hr colour tattoo in "Eternal Gold" its such a gorgeous colour.
 I got "they're REAL" by benefit free with the ELLE magazine and it was soo worth it! Its probably the best mascara I've ever seen or used or ever will use! I really ant to buy the full size now as this is just a mini.

 I finally allowed my self to buy one the real techniques brushes and now I want more! I got the stippling brush which is amazing!
 I was looking for the Essie "mint candy apple" but they didnt have it but then I found this colour from Models own which is called apple pie and its such a pretty summer colour and it also smells of apples after its dried! :D
I've gathered all these for awhile now so don't judge! I would recommended nearly all these products! Have you tried and new products lately? What are you doing for your summer holidays? tell me below! Follow this blog on bloglovin
Sofia x


  1. Mac cosmetics is very good and the paint has a beautiful color: °)

  2. awesome stuff,I'm trying the covergirl foundation right now :)

  3. I love Creme Cup by Mac. I recently bought the RT stippling brush too, I love it! Good luck with your exam x

  4. love ur lipstick color, looks so natural and cute!

  5. The benefit mascara looks good

  6. Some great products here i love MAC lipsticks! And the benefit mascara is great, nice post!

    L x

  7. huge fan of mac cosmetics!

  8. love the lipstick & nail varnish!!

    your blog so cute!

    i follow you on GFC & bloglovin please check out my blog:

    anna xx

  9. i love the lipstick, it's such a nice colour!
    and your header is the cutest thing I've ever seen!
    check out my blog;

  10. I just stumbled upon your cute blog! I love the Benefit "They're Real" mascara and I also have that MAC lipstick. To this day it remains the only lipstick I never grew tired of and used up all of it!! Great post :-)

  11. Very nice post, thanks a lot for sharing these great products. Do you happen to have an RSS feed I can subscribe to?


  12. I love 'your-lip-colour-only-better'-lip-sticks :D

  13. I love your blog its so awesome. :) i followed your blog via bloglovin', please come check out mine too! Thanks

  14. love that shade of light green, it reminds so much of the oceans in summer <3

    Check out my new grungy outfit post featuring a new label in Australia! :)

  15. I love MAC lipstick1 & your headers so cute!
    I love your blog and I'm now following you on gfc!
    Chloe Xx


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