Sunday, June 30

Holiday Essentials ☀

I'm officially on my holidays, and have been for about a week now which is the main reason I haven't blogged alot recently Ive been busy doing stuff with my friends nearly everyday and trying to make the most of the holidays!  On Monday I'm going over to Italy to see my family and I'll be going to Sicily and Pisa for a little while aswell! I have just started packing and I wanted to show you some necessities to bring on holidays.

I made this collage :)
Here are my nesesities:
Hawian Tropics suncream: You can even just buy the suncream on holidays but you musttt remember to put some on to protect yourself from the sun!
Closed plastic bag filled with all by beauty liquids: since the aeroplanes are soo strict if you want to put liquids in your hand luggage (which I'm doing) it must be under 100ml and in a closed plastic bag.
Camera: A defiant must have! you need to take snaps of all your adventures! 
Phone:Do I need to explain?
Sandels, flip-flops: Something that will be comfortable to walk in but that also wont be to hot.
Sunglasses: Unless you dont mind a 30 degrees sun burning your eyes then I'd advise a pair of sun glasses!
Money: Make sure its in the currency of the place you are going!
Books:  For the plane journey, train journey or relaxing on the sand its always nice to have a good book with you!

Denim cut off shorts:You can dress up or dress them down and always look great!
Bikini: For swimming or if thats not your cup of tea just for getting a good tan.
Crop tops:They look soo summer and wont be heavy while the sun is shining also crop tops+ denim  shorts = great summer outfit!
Summery dress: For the nights when you go out for dinner or as a bikini cover up!

Hope you have a great holiday and remember always wear suncream!
Sofia x


  1. Definitely a good list of essentials! I always load up on books and I cannot survive without my camera or phone.


  2. Thank you so much Sofia! Hope you'll have fun there! :) That phone in the picture is the one I have ahah.

  3. Have fun in Italy, I myself just came back from London!
    PS I love that camera:>

  4. Hello!
    What a amazing blog that you have here!! I'm Following!!

  5. the fish eye is an essential for me too!! enjoy your holidays!

  6. I love crop tops and summer dresses! So pretty!:)
    Have a good holiday~

    Belle Epoque

  7. Your dress is amazing adorable! Everything you packed is sooooo perfect for Italy, seem straight out of a movie ;) I need to read Looking for Alaska! I fell in love so hard for The Fault In Our Stars ♥♥


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