Friday, January 4

Ch-Ch-Changes for the New Year

Heyy guys, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Its 2013 :D I'm probably going to be still writing 2012 down for ages! :P
I have a few New Year Resolutions that I want to try and keep! I might do a revised list next year.

Start Pilates~I really want to try it out! I might  get a friend to join me so it will be more fun :) Do any of ye do it? Whats it like? :)

 Eat healthier~I don't eat that unhealthily but I want to eat less crisps in particular and eat 5 fruits a day.

Let hair grow out~ I want my hair to grow longer so I'm not going to go to the hairdressers but I might trim the ends myself and I'm not to pick at my split ends!

Save up money~ I used to be really good at saving money when I was little but now I just seem to spend it the second I have it so I'm going to try put €200 in my bank account this year.

Keep up with athletics~ I do athletics which I started in September 2011 but I always stop and start again so I'll try keep it up all year.

Use my camera better~ I love my camera to bits and its such a good camera but I think I should learn how to use it better there are still some buttons I don't know how to use! Do any of ye have tips??

Blogging~ I'm redesigning my blog abit cause it was starting to bore me. Also my blog posts are starting to get boring so I'm going to try spice it up abit;)I have tons of blog ideas but I always end up doing the boring posts first! Don't bother asking why :/ Ill try post more frequently too :D

I hope ye have the best-est year ever!
Sofia x


  1. Love your resolutions! I need to eat healthier too. And I am trying to find a good camera. What kind do you have?

    1. Heheh thankyou! :)Mine is a Lumix FZ 48 and I would defiantly recommend it! I love it soo much <3
      Sofia x

  2. Good resolutions! :) I agree with you on the whole camera thing!

  3. Thanks for your comment, I'm really thinking about buying them both! Hope you'll have an amazing year and I hope all your resolutions will come true! <3 x

  4. Happy New Year :) Great resolutions! I definetely want to try something like pliates to or maybe yoga. And blogging is always a good one!!


  5. lovely! <3

    Following you now, hope you'll follow back!

  6. Good luck with your resolutions I know they can be tough to keep!

    Ali of:

  7. Thanks for your lovely comment, love your resolutions as well, I'll have to start blogging more often as well! x


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