Monday, December 31

Christmas Series| What Santa Brought me❄

Aloha amigos!
This will be my last Christmas Series post! :'( I hope you liked them! One more day till the New Year! Omg this year has gone so fast! How was you year?
I'm going to show you some of the bits and bobs I got for Christmas sorry if you find it boring but I love seeing what other people got! Also I'm not trying to brag AT ALL!

 YSL colouring book- Its soo cute with lots of unpublished sketches by Yves Saint Laurent probably the coolest colouring book ever! :D
 Sea Salt Spray - This is off my big sissy! Ive wanted it for soo long and she bought me a little bottle to try out and I lurvvv it! It smells so nice and I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up repurchasing this!
 Teen Vogue Book- Also thanks to my sister T.H.I.S  I.S  A.M.A.Z.I.N.G I love it soo much Ive nearly finished it already! Its soo useful with loads of tips on how to get a job in fashion! :) It also comes with a free year subscription to Teen Vogue magazine!
 Urban Decay "Midnight Emergency"- My best friend Ella got this for me and oh its so pretty! Its my first eyeshadow palette so I not that great at putting on eyeshadow yet! Ill learn!

 "Pay it Forward" movie- Its the sweetest movie I have ever seen aw just go watch it now! (you will thank me!)
 Artdeco cover-stick concealer- It looks like a lipstick! Its sooo good and hides the blemish all day! I found this in my stocking and I'm soo happy I needed a new concealer and it does a great job.
 Boots blush brush- There isn't to much to be said about this apart from I didn't have a brush for blush or bronzer so finally! :D
 My roller skates!!- Ohhhh I love them sooo much! I have hardly taken them off my feet all week! I want to become a pro ;) Aren't they just amazing ahhh! I love rollerskating soo much! My best friend thought me this summer and since then I've loved it! I think everyone should try rollerskating!
How was your Christmas? What did you get? Tell me below! :))
And I just want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you had and will have a great year!
Sofia x


  1. Hi Sophia, how are you? Happy new year. Its look like you got some pretty awesome stuff for christmas - lucky you! I hasn't tried roller skates since i was 13 and i kept falling over. xx

  2. Ahh roller skates, what an awesome gift! That eyeshadow palette looks gorgeous too!
    Have a lovely 2013 :)

    Jesss xo

  3. aww amazing stuff <3 Happy new year to you!

    x Daisy

  4. Hi Sofia it looks like Santa was very goood to you! everything looks amazing, and I just saw your comment on my blog and I really really like yours, I am now your follower, hope you visit my blog soon xx

    1. Hello! I was really happy with everything!
      Awwh thank you! I will :)
      Sofia x

  5. You lucky girl! And i looooove that YOLO shirt!
    Happy 2013! :) Make it a good year!

  6. Great blog, would love it if you could check mine out:

  7. What great presents! Love Pay It Forward too, such a sweet movie x

  8. Lovely! Happy new year!

  9. Ah lovely, you got some cute goodies! I love the roller skates and the Urban Decay set, thats a lovely palette and I love UD!

    Enjoy your new presnts!

    Lots of love
    Grace x

  10. I love the black dress!


  11. WOW! You got lots of stuff this year, you must have been very good. I am so envious of those roller skates & that Teen Vogue book. Okay so you have less than a year to start saving up those brownie points for next Christmas!

  12. man u got way more than me, so not jealous lol ;-) i bought my own lol

    Those roller skates are amazing i've seen people going mad for the topshop ones, as for the Urban decay palette i love their shadows, congrats on it being your first palette hun and im sure in time you will get better practice makes perfect, im still learning :-)

    The first thing that stood out to me in your photo was the YOLO top, i sooooo want, i mean need that lol!!

    Missy xo

  13. ROLLER SKATES! Oh my gosh, I want some haha, you got some amazing presents, love that YOLO t-shirt too! I'm so getting one haha xx

  14. I love your presents ! that pair of roller skates are awesomee !
    i follow you blog , i'd really love if you follow back !

  15. Lovely blog!

  16. Oh my gosh, Santa brought you such beautiful things:) I love your YOLO Shirt and the shorts as well as your camouflage blouse!! Great palete!

    Hope you visit me on my blog


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