Saturday, June 16

Jadore le France

Week 1

Bonjour! You`d never guess where I am right now! (Not france anyway!) For the last week I have been driving along the west coast of france stopping every now and again in little towns. The pictures above are mainly taken in the ferry that brought us to france. We arrived in Toulous where we spent two days with my aunty The plan is to spend a week at the beach in the south west then a week in Paris and a couple of days in Normandy. Im loving france so far and all the little towns are oh so cute. Here are somemore pictures of le france.


La Pâtisserie
As you can see from quite alot of the photos the food is amazing! I cant resist all the lovely treats! There are soo many different sweet things to chose from like macarrons tarts muffins eclars you name it! There is always a patisseries (which is a pastry shop) in a village so im in heavan!

 Ill try and update ye all in a week! Dont forget to comment it makes my day!
Hows your holiday going?
Bye for now

Sofia x


  1. This look amazing Sophia, and the foood yum

  2. Wow, you're photographs are beautiful! So jealous you're off on a wee adventure! Lovely blog dear :) xxx

  3. Great blog, it looks like you had a lovely time; brill photos :)

    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

  4. Lovely pictures, looks like you're having a great time :) x

  5. oh my gosh, girly -- i am SO jealous! i totally wish i could say, "oh hey what's up, i'm just hanging out on the french coast. no biggie." love it!!
    your blog is so gosh darn cute, by the way :)


    1. Hahaha! well now im back home in rainy Ireland so i cant say it any more :( Heheheh thank you! x

  6. What a beautiful place! :) I love your blog, it's really lovely!



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