Thursday, June 7

Bikinis and Moon Beams Haul

Aloha! I haven't been into town in soo long so I bought quite alot of things in one day and spent quite alot of money :P
! Firstly I went into Penney's/Primark and bought,

Wake me up foundation in Classic beige- €6.95 Its such a bargain because I saw this is other shops for nearly double the price!

White canvas shoes €3.00! They will suit with just about anything and they were so cheap!

White strap top €7.00 I love it soo much its so cute! I think I'll be wearing this nearly every day when its sunny(:

Angelica pastel collection in Skylar 81- €2.75 I wanted to buy all the pastel colours they are just so pretty!

! In Dunnes I bought,

This bikini is so bright and colourful! I love it it was €8.00 which is amazing price as I was about to buy one in river island and the top alone was €13 :o

White bikini with little flowers on them and frills at the edges- this was on sale for €5.00! 
!Then in a news agents I got the new Glamour magazine which I never generally buy BUT mini samples of Benefit beauty products came free with it! So I got it for €2.94 with a sample of "the POREfessional" I was soo happy and if I see it I think I'm going to buy another one of the Glamour magazines that come with "That Gal" Its a good idea if you want to try out one of the Benefit products as its so cheap!

 !Lastly! dundundun... Benefit!
I finally did it! I have been wanting High Beam for quite a while so I went up to the benefit counter and tested High Beam, Sun Beam and Moon Beam for a long time! I found out Sun Beam was out of stock and I realized that moon beam gave a nicer glow then High Beam so here you have it!
I already love it even though I have only used it once!

It was €26.50 which is abit expensive but oh well! :P

 I got a new phone because mine wasn't working anymore. Its a Nokia C3 and I love it! Its so easy to use and was only €49 and I traded in my old phone so I payed €39! :D

 I also got these shorts in River Island for €30I think they are gorgeous! I love the light blue colour and Ill be wearing these all summer!

Hope everyone is having a great holiday so far :)
Bye for now!

Sofia x


  1. Wow, you're amazing at finding bargains! I love pastels at the moment too, so I love your nail varnish. :D x

  2. heheheh tahnks :P Im loving pastel colours!

  3. Wooo awesome haul!!!

    I found you on the blog hop!! ^-^

  4. Thanks!
    Yay! Ill go check your blog out! x

  5. OOo i love the style of those shorts :) So lovely :)

    Laura xoxo

  6. I too have a nokia pink phone :) Thanks for following, followed you back :)

  7. Ahh I was looking for a pair of denim shorts today in town and couldn't find any nice ones, I'll have to go back to River Island to see if I can find them ones, they're lovely!
    Lovely blog btw :) x x

    1. Yeh they can be hard to find but I really like the shorts in riverisland in general:D
      Thank you!

  8. Great haul full of goodies! Looking forward to your reviews on the makeup items :)

    I am a new follower from Blog Love Therapy Blog Hop, stop by my blog and say hello

    1. Yeh I might write some if I have time :D Thankss!! I sure will :]

  9. Great purchases! That nail polish is such a pretty pastel and I've heard really good things about the Rimmel foundation. Wish I lived in the UK just so I could get my hands on those Glamour freebies :)

    1. Yeh I really like the rimmel foundation I think I got the colour to dark but its still great :D Aww :/ they might be sold in other countries to :]

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  11. I love those denim shorts they look so nice, great for summer! :)

  12. All great buys, I love the pink phone hehe! :)



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