Monday, July 9

Lets go to the beach...beach...

The pictures above are taken of the medieval town & castle of Carcassonne awwh its so lovely and all the shops are so cute! We stopped off in Carcassonne before getting to our house in Banyul.

Week Two

Salut! Sadly I'm back from France now but I still have a few posts to write, about my trip:)  So for week two of the holiday we stayed in a small house in a port town called Banyuls. It is a petite town and I liked it because when we were there there weren't many tourists so it was nice and quiet. The weather was a lovely 27-30 degrees which suited me perfectly!
The picture of me on the roof was taken just before the man down staires told me to get down off the roof :3heeheh! 

We spent most of our days relaxing/ going to the beach in the mornings then having lunch and after the siesta we would go out an explore somewhere new :D

  Canyon climbing and ice cream eating

Some of these pictures were taken in Collioure it was probably one of my favourite towns we went to that week! It was gorgeous with little colourful boats every where and might I add delicious ice cream ;) There was a man making beautiful paintings out of your name so me and my sister got one done and it turn out soo nice!
We also went to a really really narrow canyon and it was amazing!  And the views...Wow!

Next stop Spain!

The town Banyul was very near the boarder to Spain so we decided for a road trip we could go down to Spain! :D We didn't spend very long there but I loved it! It was very alike the port towns in France and we passed by the place Pablo Picasso stayed! This is the last bit I'm going to write about the sea side cause next post its Paris! :D

Sorry if you find these travel post boring I will be writing lots more fashion, DIY and beauty related posts soon!
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Bye for now,

Sofia x


  1. Wow, looks like you had fun! The sea life pictures are amazing! Thanks for following, following back xox

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  2. So jealous wish I was on the beach!!

    Following from the BBU Hop! Hope you get a chance to check out my blog <3

    xo, Jersey Girl

    1. heheeh! Yeah I wish i was back there :/ Thank you!! Ill go check it out asap!

  3. I am so jealous and want to be there right now so much it hurts!

  4. You some really amazing pictures! It sounded like a great trip! *So jealous*

    I found your blog through the bloglovetherapy blog hop. Please check out mine if you have the chance! :)

    1. Awh thank you! Yeah it was great! hAaha :P of coarse ill go check it out now :)

  5. These are lovely photos !

  6. Wow, fab piccies! Found you through the BBU blog hop! :)


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