Monday, April 21

Recent Favorites

Hey guys! Long time no speak, sorry about that, between going to Italy and losing motivation I didn't feel up to blogging. How are you doing?? Have a good Easter? Any exciting plans for summer? let me know!
Well just as a little post id like to show ye some of my favorites thing recently.

 I love Matte nails so much I think they look so sophisticated I already have a black but for a lighter opt for spring color I pick up this white matte nail polish from TopShop and I'm in love Ive been wearing it non stop for the last 2 weeks!

 Now Ive had this book for a long time now I got it just when it came out but Ive re read it about 50 times now and I just find it so interesting to look at all the pictures and Alexa Chung is just flawless!

 At the start of this year as part of an award system going on in my school I started sewing lessons. A few months later I now know how to make different pieces of clothing and don't break half as much needles hehe! These cushions were my latest projects and I'm quite proud of them. They are my favorite cushions in my room now and hardly cost anything!

 Although the weather here doesn't match the season I realized that summer is just around the corner and I had no bikinis so I spotted this one in River Island and it doesnt photograph great but ooohh its so nice on!

Before leaving for Italy I needed a bag to bring with my apart from my suit case sadly this didnt arrive on time but Ive found it so useful for weekends away and other trips! Its a knock off dupe of the Alexander Wang "Rockie" bag.

They are a couple of my favorites. Id recommend all of these to anyone! What have your favorites been?
Sofia x
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  1. Wow, your selfmade cushions are so pretty!

  2. I want that Alexa Chung book! :)


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