Friday, February 21

Moi Playlist

How are you doing?
I'm in Italy right now and the sun is shining so there is much difference to the weather at home hehe! I'm here doing work experience with my aunt for two weeks and then I'm spending two weeks in another part of Italy to do a school exchange which is all very exciting :D
Here is my list of songs I've been listening to a lot because of the amount of flights and waiting around I've been doing lately! Hope you enjoy :)

What are you liking lately? Let me know below :) I love finding new songs!
My instagram is sofiadaniela_ tell me yours below! :D
Hope you have a great day!
Sofia x


  1. I've just published my playlist for March :) This is definitely not meant as advertisement, though, so on my playlist are Nico & Vinz, Kid Cudi (Steve Aoki Remix), Bastille, Selena Gomez, Tanika, Monsieur Periné, Little Mix, Ron Pope, Demi Lovato and Lorde.
    But I fear not all songs are your type, based on the ones you chose :)


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