Saturday, January 4

New Year Goals

Hey guyss! Happy Belted Christmas and New Year! Oh my gosh its already the third!
While I was spending my time in bed and watching movies I had lots of time to think about my new year resolutions. I know I don't always follow through with them but who knows maybe by the end of 2014 I'll be fit, with a perfect blog and motivated too do everything. Hahaha like that's going to happen but a girl can dream rightt?

 I feel that if I put them up on my blog ill be more motivated to see them through hahah!
What are your New Year Resolutions?
Sofia x


  1. these are such great resolutions! I need to get fit too, it's one of my goals!

  2. Great blog! Those are great resolutions!
    I'm a new blogger so could you maybe give my blog a look?

  3. Great post!Such great resolutions!!

    Can you check my blog?:)

  4. I love your blog


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