Saturday, January 11

My New Baby

  phone case: urban outfitters, nail varnish: Models Own

 Hello guys!
My main present this Christmas was a beautiful Iphone 4s before this phone I just had my Nokia and I would only use it for calls and texts now I can hardly live with out my phone!
One of the apps I was most excited to try out on the Iphone was Instagram cause I love taking and sharing pictures.If you would like to see more pictures that I take please go follow me @ sofiadaniela_
Id love to follow you too so leave your instagram account names below!:)
Hope you have a great day!
Sofia x


  1. Love my iPhone so much, I don't know how bad my old one was till it got it!
    I've followed you on Insta, I'm @sylviacarlyle if you want to follow :)
    ah, so lucky it's a white one too, all the nice cases go with white ones! xx

  2. Great post, Thanks for sharing..
    You have a lovely blog!:)

  3. Hey, Admin, I am starting my own blog, I was wondering which blog platform you are using? Sorry for the noob question and thanks for you help in advance. I enjoyed your site by the way.
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    1. Hey! My blogging platform is Blogger :) Thankyou!
      Sofia x

  4. congrats!! iPhone's the best, haha.. you'll love it i'm sure!

    xo, Carla

  5. that case is awesome!!! congrats!!!!!!! you're the best!! <3
    my blog: Bobby Raffin


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