Sunday, December 16

Christmas Series| Ohh Christmas Tree❄

Today me and my mammy went Christmas tree shopping! Yes I know we are very late! And we had to pay the price for our tardiness by having about 20 wonky trees to chose from! :( 
Any way we found a slightly normal tree :D

 this was our choice

 Decorating the tree!
 Taaddaa! here is our wonk...but amazing tree!

Do you rather fake or real trees? 
9 days till Christmas guysss! Im soo excited!
Sofia x


  1. Hi Sophia!

    I love 'fake' tree's because I'm just soooo lazy! I only just put my tree up yesterday, despite blogging about Christmas for the last month!

    I think real tree's are lovely but I love the ease of opening up the box and the tree being ready to go.

    Despite you and your mum have the pick of the wonky tree's I think it looks absolutely stunning.

    The reindeer decoration is cute :)

    1. Hello! Oh this is such a lovely comment! :) I got a mini fake tree for my room and I never realised how easy they are and quick to put up so I can see why people rather them! Thank you so much :D
      Sofia x

  2. This is sooo pretty! I rather fake trees all the way haha:)

  3. Even though you went late this is a really cute tree that looks so pretty with the cute decorations! I hope you have a lovely Christmas!

    Grace xx

  4. Nice pics :)

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  5. you tree looks so cute and traditional hun, For me i prefer fake trees only because they last a long tie and its easier with the small kids, but the smell and atmosphere of the fake ones are amazing we use to have them when we lived in colorado.

    P.s loving the little glass reindeer


  6. Hi Sophia,

    Your tree looks lovely, it must have been fun to go and pick it out and everything. I've never done that, we've always had an artifical tree but I love decorating it. Have a wonderful Christmas dear xo

  7. real all the way!! your tree looks lovely- I love the reindeer!

    Francesca xo


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