Saturday, December 8

Christmas Series| Christmas tag ❄

Heyyo! Here is my second Christmas Series post!
These are some  questions about all things christmasy! 

Q.Whats your favourite Christmas movie?
    I loveeee Elf I think that's my all time favourite but I love the "Home Alone" and "Santa Clause" movies too. I also watch Titanic and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory every Christmas! :D

Q.Do you stay in your pj's or dress up for Christmas?
     I stay in my pj's till about lunch then my mom forces me to change for when my granny and grandad come over. Oh and by pj's I mean onesie!

Q.Do you open presents on Christmas eve or Christmas morning?
   Oh defiantly Christmas morning!! We start to open them at about 8:00 :)

Q.Weirdest present you've ever got?
I got a toy pig that walked and snorted... yeahh that was pretty weird! 

Q.Best  present you've ever got?
It has to be my Lumix FZ48 camera! Its my baby <3 

Q.What are your favourite Christmas things to do?
In my town they just opened up a ice skating rink, I'm soo bad at it but its soo much fun! I also lovee Christmas shopping cause its soo christmasy in town with all the lights!  
  Q.What do you do on Christmas eve?
     Have a fit attack cause I cant control the excitement! :D We mainly watch Christmas movies by the fire and eat loads of chocolate! We sometimes go to carol singing at the church.

Q. Real tree or fake tree?
It has to be real! You just don't get the same smell off fake ones!

Q. Giving presents or receiving presents?

I love love love giving people presents and sometimes go a bit wild spending money! I just love when they open the present and they love it! But of coarse I love getting presents too! 

Q. Handmade Christmas cards or bought?
I make most of the Christmas cards for the family but we sometimes get the charity ones :)

Q. What’s your favourite Christmas food and drink?
Well its defiantly hot chocolate! And the best hot chocolate ever is "Lily O' Brien's" hot chocolate!

Q. What's your favourite Christmas song?  
Let it snow by dean martin "all I want for Christmas" by Mariah Carey and loads more! I rather the older Christmas songs to the new ones.

That all the questions! Id loveeee if ye would all do this tag and send me the link Id love to find out what ye get up to at Christmas! :D
See you soon on the next Christmas series!
Sofia x


  1. Such a cute post :) I did this tag too, I'm so excited for christmas!

  2. awesome tag :)

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  4. Great post, so christmassy :)
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  5. Hi that was a really fun christmassy post to read :) I will tag this tomorrow and link back. <3

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  7. love the christmas tag, elf's my fave film too!

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  11. I love the Santa Clause movie--that's probably my top favorite!

  12. Love this post. Like you I love to get everyone else presents and usually spend too much money doing so :)

  13. This is a fun post! I love learning little facts about other bloggers. I found you via the "Love my Post" link up.

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  16. Lovely post. Found you on the blog hop.
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