Tuesday, July 24

When I was a youngster...

Candy Floss Clothes Line

Recently while my sister was cleaning her room she found some old note books and in two of them we found our old clothes designs from when we were about eight! I thought I only became interested in fashion recently but maybe I secretly liked it back then! My friend told me I should show them to ye so here they are...

Fairy Princess Dresses :)
A punk Fairy Out Fit :)

Fairy Dress :')
 Party Dresses :) We even made a contents page! My favorite out of these is  the first one sadly my sister made that one :/

Wedding Dresses :P I made the second one and my sister made the first one.

Red Carpet Dresses!

Summer Clothes! I made the polka dotted dress :)
Ball Room Dresses. I have to admit my sister made the two on the left which I think are the nicest :P

Well this is partly what we busied our selfs doing! What things did you do when you were a youngster? Tell my in the comments below! :D I hoped you enjoyed this post its a bit different to my usual posts but oh well! Hope you are having a great summer! And I'll be writing a new post very shortly!

Sofia x


  1. Oh my! This is great! This almost reminds me of the Barbie Fashion Plates when I was young (I may have just revealed my age). However your designs are much better!
    I did take a few summer camp classes and made dresses for my Barbies...but that's all I can remember. ;-)

    Have a great day!

    1. thank you :) Hahahah :D Awwh that sounds great! I would have loved to be able to make real dresses!

  2. HI! I love your blog.. Love the pictures of Paris. Have not been there in many years and it brought back so many memories! thank you.

    I have started a new blog for my friends who own a local gift shop and I am trying to find followers. If you get a chance, please stop by and leave a comment.

    I will be back to read more of your blog!

    1. THANK YOU!! :D Yeah sure Ill go check it out :) Aww thanks Ill have a post up very soon!

  3. These are FANTASTIC! You must frame them!


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