Sunday, July 29

I Got Things Recently, Here they are ♥

Suppp! I thought I would show ye the things I bought in France plus a few things I got when I came home :) So enjoyy :D Also I would just like to say that I redesigned my friend blog and shes hoping for more followers so I would be great if you checked her blog out its Beella Mode.

In France 

A FISH EYEE CAMERAAA!! AHHHhhhh I just lovee it!! :D  I took loads of pictures with it already and I just LURVvvv it soso much! :D Its so quirky and unusual! And I was going to go for the fish eye 1 which was €40 but my mom said she would pay the difference if I wanted to get this so this one was €60!! But what can I say I love it sooooo much! :D
And of course the fish eye needs film so this is the film I got! It was €14 and has three rolls of film in the packed and each roll of film takes about 36 photos :D I have already finished my first roll and it took about two weeks to be developed and I was a bit let down cause the film got exposed to light so only 3 pictures came out :( Oh well I'm sure the next film will work out better!

 Just a little bucket of sweets from a old fashioned sweet shop :) I thought the bucket would be nice to hold things in my room!

 ZUMBA: If you haven't heard about it already its a dance 
fitness program which has become really popular recently and my mom, sister and me wanted to try out! :D Its really fun and great cause it has all programs in it and a healthy diet plan!
Just a little bucket of sweets from a old fashioned sweet shop :) I thought the bucket would be nice to hold things in my room!

 I'm abit of a sucker for touristy shops and things so I thought I had to buy this Eiffel Tower :3 I think it was €4.00 but I forget!
 If you read my post on Paris then you would know that we went to a chocolate museum and at the end there was a tiny gift shop with all the old wrappers of chocolate so I bought this one cause I thought it was cute! It was €5.00.
There was a loads of local painter stalls in Banyuls a this is such a lovely water colored picture and i looks just like Banyuls looked like :) €3.00

Back in Ireland

My mum got this nail varnish not realizing that it was a crackle nail varnish so once she found out she didn't want it and gave it to me :D Penney's €2.75 (Primark)

Monthly Issue of Company as I always get! :P

 **Excuse my messy room!** Top: Top Shop €25 
Jeans: River Island €35 I love both! And I reeally needed a new pair of jeans!

Another pair of canvas shoes from Penney's this time in navy :D  €3.00 !! :O Once again I'm shocked at the price! (Primark)

Cookie Monster Pajamas :D They were €12 in Penney's (Primark)

 Wooden peace bracelet from River Island €5.00 and the multicolored peace bracelet was from a vender on the street and was €2.50 :) I loveeee them both!

 Collection 2000 felt tip eyeliner €4.79 :D I haven't tried it yet have you got it? Is it good?
 Face wipes from Penney's €1.50 abit boring but useful :D
 Eye whiting drops €3.85 They really work! :O

White light t-shirt from River Island €12

I bought this only a couple of days ago and I love it! I really really like Top Shop make up but sadly my nearest Top Shop doesn't have the make up part so I only buy the make up if I'm in other places :/ This was €14 which is a bit pricey since its a small tub but I still love it! :D

Just to let you know I didn't buy all this in one go! So this is what I bought recently enough! :D Don't forget to comment! It makes me oh-so happy! :D Have you ever tried out a Fish eye camera? What do you think?

Sofia x


  1. cant wait to see some pics taken with that! i'm totally into the lomography movement and really want a la sardina! hopefully for my 21st!


    1. Yeah I was thinking of doing a post on them :) I was nearly going to buy a la sardina but the fish eye was cheaper :D

  2. Great haul! love all the pics! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Your camera loos so cool, I want one haha! I'm also looking for a new eyeliner so a review of the Collection 200 on would be great!
    Flora x

    1. Hahah yeah its really cool! I might think of doing one actually :)x

  4. You've been to Paris? I'm so jealous :) I've visited once, but it was years ago and only a short trip.. You've got some pretty great souvenirs for yourself, especially love the little Eiffel Tower. Tourist stuff or not, but I love little figurines like that! Maybe I wouldn't get a huge TV-tower from Berlin, though :D

    Thanks for your comment!
    I had time to already grab your button. Mine is just a photo, on my sidebar. so just link my blog address to it ^^

    Indie by heart

    1. Hahaha yeah I was :D Awhh! Yeah we were there for a short trip to :( Hahaha thank you! I love them to <3 No problemo! Oh! thanks :D How will I put your button on my blog? :)

  5. Thanks for the follow! I am definitely going to follow back, and I love love love your blog!

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  7. Love the camera! It's a shame about the film though, hope it works next time:) It looks like you had a great time in Paris!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, it was lovely!:D I'm no longer using that blog though so I'll leave the link to my new one below if you're interested:)
    Stacey xxxx

    1. Yeah I hope so to! But its all about practice using the camera :) Oh no bother! Ill be sure to check that out! :D

    2. Yeah and thank you:D I also nominated you for the liebster award:D You can check it out here (

  8. OMG a fisheye camera fantastic...make sure you get some shots up on here when you use your next film!!!

    by the way found you via BBU blog hop..pop over and say helloxx

  9. this is an awesome haul, I want so many of those things! ;)

    Hybid Hunter

  10. Hey, I just found your blog and I wanted to say how cute it is. I really like the camera you bought in France, it must be really cool :) The Top Shop make-up looks nice!

    Follow Me!

  11. you've bought great things! I love the camera.
    following you now, hope you'll follow me back (:


  12. OHMYGOD. you have a fisheye lomo? Please excuse me while I become extremely jealous of you... :)

    can't wait to see the the pictures you take!


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