Monday, December 9

New in| Italy

Helloo guyss
Its Christmas time! I didn't even notice it creep up so quick, is it just me or did autumn feel really quick? Christmas for me is literally the best time ever in the year I love winter fashion and I love when the city gets all festive with fairy lights :D Sorry for the lack of posts, lately its been dark when I leave the house and dark when I get home so I can't take any photos with nice lighting until the weekend and also I was on work experience for the last two weeks which were probably the best two weeks of my life! I felt so mature going into work and I just want to leave school now and start working (more on work experience in another post!)
Any who in my last post I showed pictures I took in Italy and while there I also bought a few things in Kiko and Zara so I thought I'd show you lovely people!

I got a really dark red berry coloured lipstick, a sparkly rose gold eyeshadow and a baby pink lip liner in Kiko! Kiko is such good value all of it came to around 10 euro.

   Leather jacket around €40

Flared mini black skirt
Black cami with lace on top
   Blue and white tartan hugee scarf
  Hope you liked this post Christmas posts coming soon! :D
Have a great week :)
Sofia x


  1. You have a nice blog, thanks for visiting mine :))

  2. Love the black cami!

  3. The things you bought are absolutely lovely!!
    I adore the black cami- I had just put one on my wishlist haha :)
    great post!

  4. Waaauw lovely! where did you get that blue jumper?

    1. thank you! (: Its actually my moms and she got it a while ago but on the label it says (don't know if that is useful)
      Sofia x

  5. That eyeshadow looks so pretty and I love the scarf :) xx

  6. Hello darling)You have an amazing blog)I love it)
    Would you like to follow each other?)
    xoxo Christy

  7. I also love Christmas, is so much fun. Best time of the year, for sure :)! Love everything you bought in Italy, especially all the stuff from Kiko :)!


  8. Hello Sophia first time stopping by and I really loved your little space, congrats girl ;)

    With love, Bárbara

  9. That lipstick shade looks gorgeous! and the black flared skirt is so cute too :) xx


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