Sunday, October 13

Favourite Skin Care Products

I'm really sorry for not posting in like a month but even though this year it's an easier year we have been doing a lot of projects and going on trips so I haven't really had time to concentrate on my bloggie sorry :(

I have a bit of an obsession with buying skin care products as you would see if you saw my bathroom but I'd just love to find a product that really works yanno? During the summer my skin exploded with spots so I've been trying to get rid of my spots. Now to tell you a bit about my skin before I get started my skin is normal to combination my t-zone can be oily but the rest of my face is normal enough! I mainly get spots on my chin and forehead (If your skin is like this these products will hopefully work for you to!)

 This scrub is probably the best skin product Ive ever spent my money on I just bought my second pot of it! Firstly as usual for lush it smells amazingg it smells of freshness and sea and a bit like coconut. It really helps when everything is going wrong with your skin that day and you just want to completely clean it and scrub away anything bad! I could write a book about how much I love this :D

I got this cause my friend Eve recommended it to me and really I want to give Eve a huge hug cause this is such a good scrub it's less harsh then Ocean Salt so it doesn't leave your skin red after using it and it smells oh so good! After one or two uses I actually notice a lot of my spots going away!

 I got this in Italy in Sephora it was around €10 and I love it so much! It doesn't smell the best for me but if you like that carroty kinda smell then you'll like it. It leave my face really soft and I like that its natural.

I realised that apart from sudocrem I don't actually have any treatment creams so I decided to try this out partially because its relatively cheap part because I heard a youtuber say it was good. I put it on in the nights before going to bed and I feel like it helps get rid of those small annoying spots on my forehead.

Sudocrem is an old friend of mine and has been with me through thick and thin! I think this is like a miracle product that helps with a tons of things but I mainly use on my face for the odd spot, sometimes it will get rid of a spot over night!
 Honestly I just got this product a couple of days ago but I'm already loving it! I cant tell you whether it gets rid of spots but I put it on last night before bed and I woke up fresh faced! Ps. Its also fun to spritz on your face hehe.
Whats your favourite skin care products? Do you use any of these? What sort of posts would you like to see? Have a great Sunday :)
Just keep smiling
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  1. I must be the only person that does not like Ocean Salt, it burned my skin. My skin went red and went all scabby, srsly.

    The toner Breath of Fresh Air was amazeballs though. :)


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    1. The salt in it is quite coarse in Ocean Salt so I doubt your alone on that one but personally for my skin it works wonders! Maybe try a lighter scrub like the St.Ives one! :)
      Sofia x

  2. Thanks for sharing these great products! The Lush products look great, I love the Yes line.

  3. Very nice post :)

  4. Great products! You're such a lucky girl! Thank you for stopping by!

    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

  5. Love this :) The lush scrub seems fab, I love a good exfoliating scrub! Also I've heard a lot about sudocrem being a miracle skincare product-might have to try it.

  6. Your blog is fabulous!
    Check out mine?

  7. I have heard really good things about the scrubs you mentioned. Thanks for the tips <3!


  8. can you believe that in the place where i live we don't have lush stores?!?! really good products :) i really enjoyed reading and checking out your blog! following you now! if you want you can follow me back <3

  9. i really want to try that lush scrub!

    following! <3

    from helen at thelovecatsinc

  10. Great review! The only products I use are the ones from Clinique, maybe I should give yours a try as well. :)

  11. Oh, I love using Lush cosmetics, its really great;)

  12. L'oreal products are very good, I use them too!
    Wanna try that scrub!

  13. Nice post!!

    xx Mounia

  14. I love thus scrub frim lush!! It's amazing!!


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