Tuesday, August 27

Le Playlist

Hi guys!
My computer had a complete breakdown and I was doing a lot on my last few days of summer holidays (wahh)so I'm sorry about not blogging recently but I have some posts planned.
Since I have just got my laptop back I don't have any new photos or anything so here are some songs Ive been loving!
 Literally I feel like skipping around a field of rainbows and unicorns when I listen to this song it's so happy and cheerful! :D Doesnt it just put a smile on your face hehe?
Whatt wuut?! Yes I'm sorry to say but as well as modeling and acting Cara D has yet another talent, singing. Excuse me while I go to a corner and cry :(
For some reason I have had this song on repeat for dayys! I think I'm driving my family insane.
And these are just overall great songs!:D
Hope ye like these songs and tell me what your favorite songs are of the moment down in the comments I love finding new songs and I love sharing songs with ye guyss :)
Update you soon-
Sofia x


  1. didnt realise cara could sing! such an awesome song xx

  2. LOVE your blog! Just followed! Would love you to check out mine :

  3. wow! Cara is so great, happy i found you blog babe!




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