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Interview| casper&pearl

 Heyy there!
I have something very exciting to show you today! 
The lovely creator of casper&pearl agreed to do an interview with me! I was so excited but I never have done an interview before so I flicked through all my magazines and on the Internet to find good questions but also asked questions that I want to hear the answers for.
 This is a story about a free-spirited and youthful girl who spends most of her time frolicking among her wild flowers. The casper&pearl girl never really grew up, she never really wanted to. The only thing that grew was her long braided hair and the flowers in her garden. She danced and swayed to the sound of solitude in the floral walls that kept her.
 Stacey Hendrichson is inspiring shes 20, has her own fashion company up and she created casper&pearl straight after finishing school. I love casper&pearl clothes and I think they are so fairy like and cute, I'm sure you will love them too! Ladies and gentle men meet Stacey Hendrickson,

 SomethingaboutSofia: Where/when did you get the idea to start casper&pearl?

casper&pearl: I was about 5and I had started ballet class,, I found myself more intruged with the costumes and sequins than the dancing. Or I may have been eight when my teacher asked what I wanted to be when I grew up and that's all I cold think of. I don't know exactly when but it's all I've ever wanted to do. I wanted to wait until I finished high school to put all of my ideas in motion so as soon as I graduated it all begun.

SaS: Have you started planning your next collection?

c&p: I’ve actually started planning the collection after that - you’d be surprised how far in advanced the whole process is! Our next collection for Spring/Summer which launches in August this year has already been shot and sold to our stockists. At the moment we’re working on our next A/W collection for 2014 which will launch in a years time. The entire process of designing, sampling, editing and production takes a very long time. I’m very impatient so it kills me to not be able to share something as soon as it’s done!

SaS: What inspires you?

c&p: My childhood, the 90’s and the 70’s, story books, Monet, colours, international runways and travel. I always create a story and a character in my mind of who I’m designing for and I imagine what I think this magical character would be wearing and that’s casper&pearl!

SaS: What three words describe casper&pearl?

c&p:Innocent, feminine, inimitable.

SaS:If you could pick anyone to wear casper&pearl clothes who would it be?

c&p: Ashley Madekwe was on my ‘must dress’ list and just a few weeks ago we spotted her wearing or ‘Kershaw’ knit in red which was so exciting! I’d also love to see Shay Mitchell, Alexa Chung and Elle Fanning become casper&pearl girls.

SaS: What is your favourite fashion era?

c&p:Can’t go past the 90’s – I have a close to obsessive desire to go back to the 90’s and re-live my childhood over and over so I think that’s where a lot of my style comes from.

SaS:Do you have any advice/ tips for aspiring fashion designers?

c&p: As cliché as it sounds – don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t. My starting point for casper&pearl was at the same time as Formspring, I unfortunately decided to sign up and I had a lot of people tell me anonymously that I couldn’t do it, that I was just a little girl from a bad neighbourhood that knew nothing about fashion or high end labels and that I would just embarrass myself. I hope they’re reading this now.

SaS: What do you like most about your job?

c&p:The indescribable feeling you get when you see a girl on the street wearing your clothing, or in a store trying on your designs – it’s pretty surreal!

SaS: Who would you love to do a collaboration with?

c&p:I’m actually in the process of collaborating with a local accessories label ‘Grand Bazaar’. For our next Spring/Summer collection we’re using our fabrics to produce exclusive clutches under their name which I’m so excited about!

SaS: Has the blogosphere helped the rise of c&p?

c&p:Definitely – it’s an amazing way to be able to reach girls from the other side of the world as well as let our fans know what’s happening behind the scenes!

SaS: What’s next for c&p?

c&p:We’re off to the USA in a couple of months to hopefully gain a few more stockists and host a few blogger press days! (If you’re reading this from LA then definitely get in touch). We also hope to see our customer base grow all over the world and gain more celebrity clients J

 These pictures were taken from casper&pearl's Secret Garden A/W13 collection 
 Make sure to follow casper&pearl on all their websites!

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