Monday, March 18

❅ Snow Day ❅

Ello there!  In 5 days I'm off to Italy to see my fam wooo! :D Lately the weather in Ireland has been soo weird One day it was snowing and sunny then the next day all the snow left as if it was never there but lucky I couldn't go into school so I got to stay at home and take piccies for ya'll!

**Also** Most of you have probably heard about the whole  hoohaa about GFC closing down wwhich iss sooooo annoying! >:( But the show must go on so here is my bloglovin where I'd love all ye amazing, fantastic followers to go follow me on!
Do any of ye have a bloglovin? Do you love snow like me? Hows the weather where you live? 
See you soon for my next post!
Sofia x


  1. It's super cold here in Michigan too! This seems like so much snow for Ireland! Have a wonderful time in Italy!!x

  2. hey there.. u've got a gr8 blog.. want to follow eachother??? if so follow me via gfc and let me know,i'll follow back for sure.. :) we can even follow eachother on lookbook,facebook,instagram and twitter.. let me know i alwz follow back. :)

  3. your dogs are ADORABLE. awhhhh. xxxx

  4. That last picture sums up my life. The snow is meant to be coming in really bad through the weekend which is a complete bummer, are you still enjoying it? Your dogs are unbelievably cute :3 I'm going to Italy soon aswell, I hope you have an amazing time! ♥

    1. Hahaha yes it was such a yummy feast! :D It only stayed for one day so I loved it while it lasted! Thankyou! Oooh defiantly write a post about it afterwards! You too♥
      Sofia x

  5. I love your blog header, it's so cute! Adorable photos, I love the snow. The dogs are gorgeous! x

    Isabel Rose

  6. I followed you back now honey (: Your dog is so cute!
    I wish it would snow here in portugal x


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