Friday, November 9

No7 Vs Liz Earl's Hot Cloth Cleanser

Heyy there! 
A while ago I bought the Liz Earl Hot Cloth cleanser and I loved it to bits! When I had finished it I was thinking of buy it again ,but then I saw that No7 had a hot cloth cleanser out to I thought I would give that a go to!

Now I am after using my No7 one for about a month so I thought I would compare the two! here goes,
I have to say I don't think there is much difference but I much much rather the No7 one because,
  • Its cheaper
  • It doesn't hurt if it gets into my eyes
  • It leaves my face feeling very soft

but the biggest difference between the two is the smell! Liz Earls one has a very strong smell which I didn't like that much but No7 has a very gentle smell that makes you face smell lovely!
So if you are a huge fan of the Liz Earl one give the No7 one a go!

Sofia x


  1. I tried the Liz Earle cleanse and polish and it was alright (and I do like the smell) but I just didn't find it particularly amazing and not really worth the price when there are cheaper options available! xx

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  2. I've been meaning to try out the Liz Earle one for aaaages, but I could justify the money for it. Must try out this one now, I love cheaper options.


    1. Oooh I'll definitely be trying it! x

  3. Great review, I'm really picky about how a product smells so maybe the no7 one is for me.

  4. I've not tried the Liz Earle one but I totally swear by the No7 one. I absolutely adore it and is a firm staple in my skincare routine!! xx

  5. I have nominated you for a Leibster award. :)

  6. Awesome review! great blog, found you on blog hop! New follower:)

  7. I shall have to try out this cleanser and see if they have it in my local Boots. I found your blog via the weekend blog hop hosted by Life in a Breakdown and I have subscribed to your blog, I was your 600th sub! If you would like to check out my blog which is a mixture of beauty, fashion and lifestyle then please go to I would love a new subscriber!

    Lots of love from Ireland,

  8. new[est] follower. loving this post and loving your blog. excited to continue following along! :)

    stop by sometime!

  9. OOhhh thanks for this, I'm glad there is an alternative as I am running low on my Liz Earl cleanse and polish.


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