Monday, May 7

Things that make me happy.

! Looking at old photos- I just love it!  With photos you can capture a memory and a photo captures all the little things even if you have forgotten! I just love looking back on old pictures (even if they are a bit embarrassing) because you can nearly relive that moment again.

! Picnics - Because it must be near summer! Spreading out the picnic blanket and just relaxing on the grass! Oh and of coarse eating yummy food!

! Finding new blogs- I love when my best friend sends me a link to a new blog on facebook!
I then have hours of entertainment of reading all the posts old and new! (I stalk them a little!) My latest favourite is Mika Francis -

! Cookies & Milk- Do I need to explain? NOM!

!The beach- Ooh how I love the beach! I cant wait for this summer I can spend most of the time at the beach! :D

All for now! Must go study :( Don't forget to leave a comment telling me what makes you happy! :D

Sofia x


  1. yum yum cookies and milk!! im so glad to have found your blog! you've gained yourself a follower :))

    rebecca x

  2. I really like the photography on your blog - I'm wondering whether to invest in a DSLR or to stick with my didgicam for a while until I get better at taking pictures lol.
    I like you noticeboard - reminds me of the one I had at uni with all my fave little things I had collected over the years that reminded me of home and my adventures.

    Jen x

    1. Thank you<3 I really love my camera but it isn't a DSLR camera its a bridge camera and maybe when I get better I might get DSLR because they are very expensive :/

  3. gosh i want those cookies so bad !!!!!


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